10 Wainscoting Ideas
Using Board and Batten!

Lots of wainscoting ideas using board and batten, starting with the one I built.  But there is so much flexibility, you can revise the plan to fit your home and your family's needs!


P.S.  All of the photos are links to the suggested sites and may be subject to copyright restrictions.  Each will open into a new window.

 Check out MY Tutorial for
This Board and Batten Wainscoting!

This wainscoting lightened up the room and provided - in a very narrow space - hanging options for the multiple "hoodies" usually left strewn around!

Click on this link or on the photo
above to see how easy it was to make!

But, if that one doesn't work for you, check out some of these other wainscoting ideas.

Love the Contrast of This Project!

This couple did several rooms with board and batting wainscoting.  The top trim is wider than what I used, and uses two pieces of trim.

Check out this option for wainscoting ideas
by clicking on the photo or here.

This Wainscoting Does Not Use
Additional Base Board Trim.

Because this application was for the whole room, additional base board trim was not needed.  Mine was for one wall only, so I had to match the existing base board trim to the other 3 walls.

Check out the MakeIt-LoveIt blog for this version.
  Click here or on the photo.

Add Some Distressing and Stenciling?

I love the distressing on the wainscoting!  Notice, too, how narrow the top rail is.  Also, the stiles on this version are much closer together than in my project.

Remember,  this is DIY board and batten wainscoting - you can make it fit your style and needs!

Check it all out at
Lisa's Creative Designs!

A More Complicated Board and Batten.

This wainscoting project has the standard rectangle with a square at the top.  Even though it has more pieces it is still a very doable project for a DIYer!

Read all about it
at this link to One Project Closer.

An Even More Elaborate Version!

Add another square at the bottom to get the look of this wainscoting.  Notice, too, how this version comes up a lot higher on the wall than most you see.  That height is balanced by the wider crown molding at the ceiling.

If this is the look for your home,
click here or on the photo.

Simplest Board and Batten I've Seen!

Very simple lines for this wainscoting idea!  The tutorial is good because it shows you how to sketch out your plan!!

Read all about it
or just review the photos at this link!

Hallway is Wainscoted on Both Sides!

Wow - does this make me want to lighten up my hallway!!  She made this wainscoting with wood rather than with mdf.

More details are available at this link!

Make It Even Higher!

The board and batten wainscoting height is up to you!  I love the extra white space above the row of hooks in this bedroom.

This and more wainscoting ideas
are available at The DIY Playbook.

Need Wainscoting Ideas for a Stairway?

If you a up to the challenge, you could learn how to install board and batten wainscoting along the stairway!

Learn all you need to know
to create wainscoting
for the stairway at this link!

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It does not look like this anymore!

Step by step it is getting done!

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