Repair Broken Wooden Chair!

How to repair broken wooden chair?  This was a "found" chair.  A neighbor was throwing out a round oak table and this chair.  I knew I could fix the table, but wasn't sure about the chair.  It had a minor crack on one side and a major split on the other.

I knew the Kreg jig worked great for edge joinery, so thought I would try that for this chair.

Fixing the Cracked Side.

Usually it doesn't matter which side of the edge you drill the holes from - BUT, because the legs are already attached, and in the way, the pocket holes needed to be drilled from the outside edge.

What Size Pocket Hole Screw to Use?

Normally, I check my chart before even drilling the pocket holes, and determining what size screw to use.

This time I used the "scientific method" and determined the 2 inch screw would give me at least 1/2 inch of "hold" on the other side of the crack in the seat.  AND without poking through the top of the seat!

Repairing Split Side of Chair Seat.

Drilling the pocket holes for the split side was easy!

Getting the seat aligned - not so much!

I Used Every Clamp in My Collection!

Glass insets on this door had slipped since the door was installed 33 years earlier.

I used the long clamps, the short clamps, the "C" clamps, the quick release clamps, but still could not get the splits pieces of the chair seat to line up right!

45 minutes of intense effort and extreme frustration!

How About
Breaking the Seal of Existing Glue?

DUH!  The previous owner had tried to fix the seat with glue.

Basically, I made the split worse by inserting a blade all along the split, and totally separating the pieces.

Now Seat Easily Clamped,
and Pocket Hole Screws Driven.

Once the seal was broken I was quickly able to clamp the two pieces in position and drive the pocket hole screws.

That's How Easy
to Repair Broken Wooden Chair Seat!

The broken chair is not perfect, though.  The split pieces are aligned horizontally, but are NOT even on the front and back.

The next page will show you how that was fixed, and how the chair was made presentable.

Visit Next Page to See the Final Steps.

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