Free Pallet Potting
Bench Plans!

I started designing these pallet potting bench plans the day I picked up a load of pallets from a friend!  Potting inside a screened in porch is just not ideal, and I was so looking forward to getting the mess outside!

My friend had used the pallets to build a fence. That fence now needed to be removed to get ready for a major home remodeling!  So, I was the beneficiary of a pile of pallets.

I keep making changes to this potting bench.

See them all here:

DIY Pallet Potting Bench

Only a Few Basic Tools Needed.

You will need:

a drill;
a jig saw or circular saw; and
a Kreg jig.

If you don't have a Kreg Jig YET, check them out!  I can't imagine planning any woodworking project without mine!!!  See link on right.

Materials Needed for
Pallet Potting Bench Plans.

The materials needed to make one of these free pallet potting bench plans are:

(2) pallets of the same size;

(2) 2x4 by 10' treated boards;

(24) 2 1/2" sheet rock screws; and

(1) box of 2 1/2" Kreg pocket hole screws.  (You will only need 1/3 of a box.)

Cost Estimate.

Assuming the pallets were free, the total cost for this project is about $10.

Prepare The Outside Frames!

Step One:
  Determine the Size of YOUR Bench!

My bench is only 29" high.  Most potting benches show the work surface a little higher.  Because I do container gardening I wanted mine lower.

Also, because part of my pallets were deteriorating (where there was contact with the soil when previously used as a fence) I wanted to cut that part off.  So the depth of my potting bench is 33".  You may want to use the whole pallet, or even just 1/2 of a pallet.

Also, I put my bottom shelf 4" from the bottom of the leg, so there was room for my feet when working.

Once you calculate the size of your pallet potting bench, you can cut your 2x4s to the right lengths.

I needed 4 26" horizontal pieces, and 4 29" vertical pieces.

Step Two:
Cut and Prepare the Frame Pieces.

Once you have the frame pieces cut to the sizes you have chosen, it is time drill the pocket holes.

The horizontal pieces, known as rails, will need two pocket holes at each end.  These are easy to make with the Kreg jig!

Set your Kreg jig for drilling 1 1/2" thick wood.  This photo shows how this setting is done on the Kreg K5.

If you need more help in setting up your Kreg jig, check out these helpful instructions:

For the Kreg Jig K4

For the Kreg Jig K5

Step 3:
Assemble the Frame.

Once the pocket holes are drilled, you can start putting the pieces together.

Because I was working alone I had to clamp my pieces to a work table in order to drive the Kreg pocket hole screws.

If you had someone to hold for you that would not be necessary.

Your assembled frames should look something like this.

Prepare the Pallets.

Step 1:
Cut the Pallets to Size.

Because my pallet potting bench plans called for using only part of each pallet I had to cut off a portion. If you are using whole pallets, you can skip this section.

If you only have a jig saw, it will get the job done, albeit slowly.

BUT, these cuts are much easier with the circular saw.

Cutting the 2 outside pieces of the pallet was easy.  With the center support piece, though, I had to make one cut, flip the pallet over and then cut through the other side.

Also, to get the deepest cut, my circular saw had to be set so as much of the blade as possible was available!

Assemble the
Pallet Potting Bench Plans.

Drill Holes in Pallet Frame.

Drill holes in the sides of the pallet where it will be attached to the frames you made.

From the inside of the pallet set the screws into the holes so they can be easily driven into the frame.

Step 2:
Attach Top Pallet to 1 Frame.

I was able to set the frame on the cement pad behind my garage, and then place the pallet against the garage.  It stayed square while I drove the 2 1/2" sheet rock screws.

Step 3:
Attach Shelf Pallet to Frame.

Line up the shelf pallet with the bottom rail of your frame, and then drive those sheet rock screws.

(This step would be much easier if you had someone to hold it in place for you.)

Step 4:
Flip Assembly Over to Add 2nd Frame.

I needed the hammer to do a little adjusting to get the pallets aligned with the frame correctly.

I also drove just one screw into the top pallet and one into the shelf pallet until I knew it was fairly square.

Step 5:
Almost Ready to Use.

My potting bench will be sitting in a shaded area of my back yard among the roots of some beautiful, bald cypress trees.  But that meant it needed leveling.

I then rewarded myself by picking some carrots from my pop bottle garden, and washing them on the potting bench!

Learn how to make a pop bottle garden here,
or by clicking the photo below.

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