More Pallet Potting
Bench Plans!

More pallet potting bench plans to spur you on to make your own!

I love this first one!  It is both functional and delightful!  I so appreciate the cute details with the legs and unique knobs.

However, I cannot find who made it.  If you have any idea who made it, PLEASE go to "Contact Me" page and let me know.  I will make sure they get credit for it!!!!

NOTE:  All of the photos below are linked to the pages for the creator of each potting bench!

10 More Pallet Potting Bench Ideas!

I have created a collection of unique pallet potting bench pages that you can visit.  Check them out at this link, or click on the photo.

Iron Ornamentation on This
Pallet Potting Bench

My list of more pallet potting bench plans begins with one found at Rustic RedDiscovered.

When you visit this page, you will find photos for each step of the building process.  I especially like her technique for adding the pallet to the back.

And the iron decoration at the top just completes it!

Just Two Pallets and Some 2x4s.

This pallet potting bench is wider, but not as deep as most I have seen.  The shelves along the top are a great feature.

Check out the details at the blog - Restoring the Roost!

The page includes photos so you can see how easy it is to build.

Small And Practical
Pallet Potting Table

This builder dismantled the pallets completely, and rebuilt from the ground up.  The result is a very sturdy potting table!

When you visit her page at Loe La Loep, you can see how she used chalk paint, and some other detailing to "pimp" (her word) out her potting bench - really fun!

More Pallet Potting Bench Plans
from Better Homes & Gardens!

This plan from BHG is a very simple build if you are a beginner!  It also is one of the most "Pinned" plans for a pallet potting bench.

To see how easy it is, click on this link, or on the photo.

Is a Fold-Up Potting Bench Right for You?

My potting bench gets used so much, I can't imagine that I would want to fold it up.  BUT, this might be perfect for you if you have a small space.

Check out more pallet potting bench plans at this link.  Or just click on the photo.

The step-by-step tutorial by Jenna Burger is a good one!

Added Color and Chalk Board!

This potting bench is so distinctive with the added color and the chalkboard at the top. 

Visit Beyond the Picket Fence to see this version of more pallet potting bench plans.

Lots of Shelves and Storage
on This DIY Pallet Potting Bench.

This page doesn't have more pallet potting bench plans, but I liked this particular creation!  The extra bracing with wood on the sides and back would make this super strong.  And the metal brackets would be more reinforcement!  This is a potting bench designed to be used - not just looked at.

This page at One Hundred Dollars a Month also shows an outdoor tool storage piece made from a pallet.  That's pretty cool, too.

Step-By-Step Potting Bench Plans
at Instructables.

The builder of this bench shows 14 steps in the process.  When designing more pallet potting bench plans for yourself, it is very helpful to see how others have done it! 

On this page, you will also find links to a couple of other Instructables for other potting benches.

All the "Bells and Whistles" on
This Pallet Potting Bench.

This plan uses a lot more materials than pallets, but if you have the time and resources to build a super deluxe potting bench, this would be a great example to check out!

The plans are available at Setting for Four.

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