Laundry Room Makeover
Needed NOW!

This "before" photo shows just how badly a laundry room makeover was needed!

The pages in this section will show the various projects that turned this dated, dingy laundry room into a light, airy, and very practical room.

This room also serves as an entry way room for family and most guests, so making it look welcoming was also a priority!

Board and Batten Wainscoting
Made a Huge Difference!

Just love the difference the wainscoting made!  The room is so much lighter, AND we now have hooks for the inimitable "hoodies" and the dog leashes!

See how easy this stage
in the laundry room makeover
was by clicking on this link
or on the photo above!

Laundry Room Lighting is Now LED!

The changeover from fluorescent light fixtures to an LED light fixture made a world of difference!

To see what it takes to do this as part of YOUR laundry room makeover, click here or on the photo.

Learn How to Install
Vinyl Plank Flooring!

With just a few tools, you can install your own vinyl planks flooring!  This tutorial shows you step-by-step, and gives you tips to make it easier.

This is an affordable option for a busy family!

Click on the photo above or on this link to build the confidence that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Repainting, Actually Rehabbing,
the Exterior Door was a Priority!

The paint was peeling on both the outside and inside of the insulated metal door, but there was no rust.  The door was top quality when originally installed 33 years ago, so was worth preserving.

To prevent rust from developing, the door had to be painted.

To see all the steps to paint and rehab this door,
click here or on the "After" photo.

A Rustic Towel Bar
Was Added Above the Laundry Tub.

The laundry tub was taken apart, sanded down (it did have some rust on it), primed and painted.  It was reinstalled with new plumbing and faucet.

With a host of projects in process, I was so grateful to have the laundry tub functional!!  But as soon as I started using it, I realized I needed a place to hang towels.

So, time to make a towel bar.  Check out the plan by clicking on this link, or on the photo above.  It is super easy to build!!

Acrylic Panel Added Behind Laundry Tub!

The laundry tub gets used many times a day as work on the "new" house gets done.  The freshly painted wall behind the laundry tub needed protecting!

See what I learned about installing
an acrylic panel to protect that wall!

A Laundry Room Ladder
for the Back Wall.

This laundry room needed somewhere to hang clothes when they came out of the dryer.

So, a very simple laundry room ladder was built to fit the space available.

To learn how to build your own laundry room ladder,
click here or on the photo above.

Added a Simple Towel Bar
To Store Empty Hangers.

This laundry room makeover is being done for how MY family uses it.  Since all of the clothes are hung up as soon as they come out of the dryer, we needed a place to hang empty hangers.

Using the same wood as the laundry ladder and the towel bar above the laundry tub, I made a simple towel bar to hang those extra hangers.

To see how easy
these free towel bar plans are,
click on this link, or on the photo.

There is Still More to be Done
in This Laundry Room Makeover!

P.S. It doesn't look like this anymore!

The back of the laundry room opens up to the garage on the left and the kitchen on the right.  It was designed to have both a refrigerator and a freezer along the back wall.

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