Laundry Room Lighting
Made a Huge Difference!

Changing the laundry room lighting made a huge improvement!

I love the new LED light in my laundry room! 

BUT, this change over did not come easy!  Check out the wacky solution I came up with to FINALLY be able to install the new light fixture.

Problem Fluorescent!

After several unsuccessful attempts to get the existing fluorescent fixtures fully functional, I decided it was time to just start over!!

I Chose This LED Flat Light!

I am putting in LED lights every time I have to replace a light fixture or bulb.

This particular light fixture was on my wish light, but not necessarily within my DIY budget. . . .

I chose this laundry room lighting fixture because:

  • It produces a ton of light;
  • It is just a little more than half an inch thick, and hugs the ceiling; and
  • It makes no noise when it is on!

If you would like to know more, click here or on the photo above.  That will take you to a page at Home Depot.

Step One
Remove Old Light Fixtures.

My son had already replaced both the bulbs and the ballasts in these fluorescent fixtures, so taking down the old fixtures was "old hat" to him.

P.S.  In this photo it is so obvious how stained the original ceiling was from nicotine - makes me shudder.

Step 2.
Install Light Fixture Plate.

Measuring for Light Fixture Plate.

Glass insets on this door had slipped since the door was installed 33 years earlier.

The new fixture slides on a plate that is screwed into the ceiling.  It was important to get the plate centered and straight so the light fixture would look right.

Light Fixture Plate Attached.

The plate is in place.  Now just connect those three wires to the fixture and slide the fixture onto the plate.  Simple - right?

Not so fast.

My son held the fixture while I connected the wires, BUT:

  1. the fixture was too heavy to hold it steady, and the wires kept coming disconnected; and
  2. Even when they were connected there was no room to stuff the wires behind the fixture.  Remember - it is only 1/2" thick.

Step 3.
Install Ceiling Box.

The primary purpose for the ceiling box was to have a place to stuff the wiring after it was connected.  Cutting the hole for that ceiling box had to be done carefully so I didn't damage any of the wires.

Fitting the box into the ceiling took a little finesse BECAUSE I already had the fixture plate in place.

Once the box fit in the hole, it was tightened to the sheet rock ceiling with "wings" that form a clamp.  And, all the wires now have a place to go. . .

NOTE: The quality of the photos is poor because the temporary lighting was just a floor lamp.  I am so looking forward to adequate laundry room lighting!

Step 4.
Install the Light?

So, we have solved the problem of where to tuck the wires once the light is installed.

We just need someone strong enough to hold the light while the wires are connected.  So, I broke down and asked a friend for help.  Do you know how hard that is for a DIYer to do?

But, even he couldn't hold the light up long enough for me to get the wires connected and the fixture slid onto the ceiling plate.

So, my beautiful light fixture sat in the corner of the laundry room for several weeks while I contemplated a solution.

Step 5.
Crazy Solution - Create a Sling!

I was trying to think of ways to support the light fixture so that I had enough time to connect the wires, and slide it onto the plate.  [With a ceiling fan there is usually a hook you can use to temporarily hang up the fan while working on the connections.]

I already holes in the ceiling from the old light fixtures to fix, so what's a couple more?  I decided to add a couple of anchored screws to support a sling.  I cut a strip from one of my son's t-shirts and stretched it as far as I could.  I then put screws through the fabric into sheet rock anchors in the ceiling.

I couldn't get photos of the light fixture in the sling because we needed all hands for the install, BUT IT WORKED!

The sling held most of the weight, and my son held the laundry room lighting fixture steady while I worked on the electrical connections!

YES!  Laundry Room Lighting
Is Installed!

This photo shows the LED light when it is off.  When the light is on it is like daylight in the laundry room!  It is wonderful!

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Laundry Room Makeover
is Progressing Nicely!

The laundry room doesn't look like this anymore!!!

Click here or on the photo
to see more of the
DIY laundry room improvements.

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