Ladder Laundry Rack
Ideas You Can Build!

Maybe the ladder laundry rack I built doesn't work for you.  So, check the examples of what other Moms have done with to solve their laundry hanging needs.  Some are made from actual ladders, and some are made from repurposed baby cribs.  Some of these laundry racks you can make and some you can buy.

P.S.  All of the photos are links to the suggested sites and may be subject to copyright restrictions.  Each will open into a new window.

If you do like the one I built, click on the photo to see how to make it yourself for about $20!

A Vertical Ladder
in the Laundry Room?

If you create high storage in the laundry a library-style ladder might just work!  In this case, the ladder also provides nice contrast with the white cabinetry.  This room was designed by Sarah Barnard, HGTV.

To visit this page, click here or on the photo.

These 3 Examples Are From Baby Cribs!

A Side of a Crib
Makes a Great Fold-Down Laundry Rack!

If you have room on the wall, converting the side of a crib may be a quick option for creating hanging and drying space.

Here is the link to visit that page on YouCanCallMeGwen.  Or click on the photo.

This Hanging Rack
Also Uses the Side of A Crib.

The interior of the repainted door looks great!

Another example of the side of a crib being repurposed!  This ladder laundry rack was made to hang from a door!  A great option if you are short on wall space.

Visit Always Something Home to see how she did this by clicking on this link or on the photo.

The Springs From a Baby Crib
Were Used For This Laundry Rack.

Removing the plastic trim left a bunch of holes in the exterior of the door.

The two earlier DIY projects showed the sides of the crib being used as a laundry dryer rack.  This one uses the springs!  In the right space this would be a great solution!

To check out this option at A Diamond In the Stuff, click here or on the photo.

Does a Fold-Down
Dryer Rack Work for You?

Customize the Size to Fit Your Space.

If you have wall space, a fold-down ladder laundry rack might work for you.  It could be made as a single, as shown here, or a double, or custom made to fit an exact space.

Censational Girl discusses this DIY laundry room drying rack at this link.  You may also click on the photo.

These Laundry Racks
Are Actual Ladders!

This Was the Inspiration
for the Ladder I Built!

I had seen several photos of this ladder on Pinterest, and adapted the idea to fit the space I had in my laundry room.

To see the whole story of this ladder as part of a laundry room makeover, visit this page at Me And My DIY!  Or just click on the photo.

Another Example of the Same Concept.

Glass insets on this door had slipped since the door was installed 33 years earlier.

This Mom, Little Lucy Lu, used an existing wooden ladder to create hanging space in her laundry room.  To read her story, click here or on the photo.

This Ladder Laundry Rack
is Also From a Real Ladder.

Most of us don't have easy access to vintage wooden ladders like this couple did, much less ladders that are FREE!   So we learn how to make our own version.

But it is nice to see how others have used them.  Click here or on the photo to check out this laundry room makeover.

Ladder Laundry Racks
Available for Purchase.

This One is Sold in England.

This" laundry ladder clothes airer" is sold in England.  I liked the look of it!  And when you read about it, and look at the photos, the quality is obvious.

You can check it out at this link or by clicking on the photo.

Have Someone Make You
a Ladder Laundry Rack!

The exterior of the repainted door looks great, too.

The craftswomen and men on ETSY makes many different kinds of laundry drying racks.  If you don't want to make one of your own, check out one of these options.  Many of the woodworkers on ETSY will also custom make items to fit your spaces.

Click here or on the photo to review their handiwork.

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