Home Kitchen Renovations
on a Budget!

Home kitchen renovations needed! When I bought my house the existing kitchen was dark, dingy, dated and dirty.  And I loved it!

It is huge!  It has miles of counter space!  The kitchen island is as handy as can be!  The cabinets are super, well-made!  The cabinets have many built-in features like slide-out shelves and dividers for cookie sheets!  I have 15 drawers in the kitchen! And a little fold-out drawer in front of the kitchen sink.  It has electrical outlets everywhere!

Every time I work in here, I am so grateful to the original owners for all the thought, planning and detail that went into building this kitchen!

But, please!  It needs light!  It needs air! It needs color!  It needs life!

So, this is a record of the process of updating this great kitchen!

Adding Lighting
was One of the First Priorities!

The ceiling fan over the kitchen island didn't work AND didn't have a light on it.  The track lighting at the other end of the island was so worn that you could no longer direct the lights where you needed them.  It was too dark to be able to see much when working at the kitchen island.

So, one of the first steps in these home kitchen renovations was to make the colander pendant light.  Because the rest of the kitchen hasn't been updated this light doesn't look great YET!  A better photo will come later, when the background and light are coordinated.

BUT this light has proved a wonderful improvement!!  I am so glad I did it NOW.

Learn how to make your own
DIY pendant light here,
or by clicking on the photo.

P.S.  The pieces for this light were a gift from my sister, Barb.  She is a Master Quilter Extraordinaire!!!  Check out her shop on Etsy!

The colander light I made may not be exactly what you are looking for.

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Laundry Room Makeover in Process!

The laundry room/entryway was the first priority in updating my house!  It is not yet complete!!

Check out the projects that are done,
by clicking on the photos below.

DIY Laundry Ladder Rack

Empty Hanger Storage Rack

Laundry Room Towel Bar

Painted Metal Door

Hey, if you want to keep up-to-date on the laundry room makeover, you could subscribe to my email list for that, too!

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