Free Towel Bar Plans
for Hanger Storage!

These free towel bar plans are VERY simple to make, should cost you next to nothing, and take approximately an hour of your time!

They only require 3 pieces of wood, and a few tools.

As you can see, mine is hung above the dryer as a place to put empty hangers.

Woodworking Tools Needed.

Because these free towel bar plans were designed for the woodworking beginner, there are only a minimal amount of tools needed.

The woodworking tools used are:

  • woodworking clamps;
  • pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • drill;
  • saw and
  • Kreg Jig.

I Used Recycled Wood
To Make These Free Towel Bar Plans!

Glass insets on this door had slipped since the door was installed 33 years earlier.

I have a collection of recycled wood.  Because this towel bar was going into my laundry room I used the same type of wood as I used for the

laundry room ladder; and

towel bar with shelf I made for over the laundry room tub.

BUT if you don't have a wood stash to pick from, your towel bar can easily be built with a length of 2x2.

How much will you need?  It depends on how long you want your towel bar to be.

Mine was 22" long, but only because that was how long the piece of wood was.

You will also need a short length of 1x4.  Mine was 13" long, but if you have shorter pieces, it wouldn't need to be that long.

Cost Estimate.

Hopefully, you have some scrap pieces so that the wood costs you nothing.

You only need 2 pocket hole screws.  A box of 100 screws costs about $5.

First Step is to Cut Your Wood To Length.

Because I was using scrap wood, I wanted to get rid of the hole at one end.

That hole made the wood weaker on the end. My concern was that the wood would split when I attached it to the cabinet.

Once the hole was cut off, I cut my flat piece in half to make two equal sides for these free towel bar plans.

You will also need to cut your 2x2 to the length you want it.

My Next Step Was to Round Edges.

My scrap wood already had some rounded edges, so I wanted to round the edges for the new cuts.  If you have a router you could use that.  BUT, if you don't, you can use a sander.

The Slick Plane is a handy little tool for rounding edges.  I use it a lot!!  And I love the little curly-qs that result!

Time to Drill the Pocket Holes!

Because my cross piece  for these free towel bar plans was only 1 1/4 inches wide, I decided to drill only one pocket hole on each end.

To prevent twisting it is better to drill two.  If your cross bar is 1 1/2 inches wide, you should have enough room for two pocket holes.

Then I Stained Mine.

I had old surfaces and new surfaces.  I wanted the finished piece to look more consistent, so I stained the new surfaces.

Centering the Bar to The Sides.

Because the cross bar was not on an edge, I could not use my trusty assembly jig.

So, instead, I clamped scrap wood on two sides of the location I had marked for the cross bar.  This created a corner to place the cross bar into.

Side 1 is Attached.

This made it much easier to hold the bar in place when I drove the pocket hole screw for Side 1.

Repeat the Process for Side 2.

The interior of the repainted door looks great!

I did the same for the second side.

It All Ended Up Square and Straight!

The exterior of the repainted door looks great, too.

I breathed a sigh of relief when it sat square on the work table!

I Hung It Beneath
the Laundry Room Cabinet.

The first step was to mark where I wanted to hang it.  I used the blue painters tape for that.

The second step was to drill pilot holes through the bottom of the cabinet.  I then drove the coarse thread sheet rock screws partway into the cabinet.

Attaching to Cabinet.

This was a bit of a trick.  I clamped a 3/4" spacing jig on each side for the setback from the front of the cabinet.  I then used the blue painters tape to mark where the sides of the towel bar would line up with the screws.

I then clamped the cross bar a cabinet shelf to hold it in place.

When my son got home from school, I held it tightly in place while he drove the sheet rock screws through the cabinet bottom into the sides of the towel bar.


We did it!  No splitting! No screws showing!  And the towel bar is securely attached to the cabinet!

Next Day!  First Load.

I just did the first load of laundry with this project completed!  It was a breeze to not have to untangle the hangers from a basket!

What can you do to make laundry easier?

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