DIY Pallet Potting
Bench Improvements!

Making changes to your DIY pallet potting bench is easy!  As you use it, you will come up with ideas that will make planting more convenient.

So far, I have:
added a back at the top;
Added a hook to hold the sprinkler; and
Added an old rake for hooks for hand tools.

If you would like to build a pallet potting bench of your own,

check out my tutorial and pallet potting bench plans.

Added a Back to Potting Bench.

A couple of my pallets came cut in half.  I used one of the halves to add a back so I have a place to hang hooks.

The first step was to reinforce a couple of loose boards with some screws.

The next step was to attach securely to my DIY pallet potting bench.  I used 2 1/2" sheetrock screws so that they would go through the frame of the back pallet, through the board of table pallet and then into the frame of the table pallet.  I secured it on both ends and in the middle.  As you can see working in the middle was a mite interesting.  (Must have been "Hug a Pallet Day!)

The back pallet feels very sturdy right now, but, if necessary, I can add some back braces later.

Need Hooks on
DIY Pallet Potting Bench.

Hook for the Garden Hose.

I have at least 7 of these rusty plant hangars - none of which are being used for that purpose.  I did my best to scrub some of the rust off, waited for it to dry, and started the spray painting process with a "rust-proof" paint.

For small objects like this I spray paint inside a cardboard box.  This helps avoid overspray!!

Welcome addition!  The hook swivels to the side, and now holds the sprinkler off the ground AND off the work surface.  But still it is within reach! 

Old Rake as Hooks.

This wobbly handled rake was purchased at a yard sale several years ago.  I had planned to use it in the laundry room, but that didn't work out yet.  So, I decided to repurpose it for my diy pallet potting bench!

It only took 2 sheet rock screws to get this hung.  There was an existing hole near the top for one screw.  I added another just below it for stability.

Oh, yeah, that works!

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