10 Colander Light Ideas
You Can Make!

After building my colander light, I decided it would be fun to see what other have done, too.   So, check out the ideas shown here, which includes the one I built.


P.S.  All of the photos are links to the suggested sites and may be subject to copyright restrictions.  Each will open into a new window.

This Colander Light Was Made
to Add a Splash of Color!

The photo shows my colander light right after it was hung, BUT BEFORE much else in the kitchen was done.  I'll post a better photo later.  If you would like to build a pendant kitchen light like this one, click on this link or on the photo above to see how easy it is! 

But, if that one doesn't work for you, check out some of these other DIY light fixtures.

Use a Vintage Colander!

Finding an old colander is not easy, but they surely add to the look of a country kitchen.

This DIY pendant light is part of an article
on bobvila.com about repurposing colanders.

Use 2 Colanders to
Make Hanging Pendant Light!

This hanging light fixture was listed on Etsy.  It uses two similar colanders, with the bottom one being the smaller of the two.

I haven't figured out how the bottom one is attached to the top one.  If you have ideas of how that would work, please add it to the comments section below.

To visit this listing on Etsy, click here or on the photo.

This Colander Is Being Used
as a Ceiling Light Shade!

You can create a light fixture that will be attached to the ceiling, rather than hung as a pendant.

This DIY light fixture uses a flat bottom colander to hug the ceiling.

Check out this version at LulaBelle Handicrafts!

If you can't find a flat bottom colander at your thrift store, like this couple did, check out this option on Amazon.

You could use one size to be next to the ceiling, and another size as the shade.

This Version Uses Salt
Shakers as Light Covers!

This is another listing on Etsy that I thought was so creative!  It made me wonder if I wanted to introduce another element into the pendant light I made.

If you would like one made for your kitchen,
click on the photo, or this link.

This may be a special order from that craftsperson.

This Colander Hangs on the Wall!

Maybe a DIY pendant light isn't for you.  This homeowner used the colander instead as a light cover for a wall light.  It still creates a warm, homey ambiance.

Check it out at LivingSmall!

Highlight a Wall With Many Colanders!

My sister found this photo.  What a delightful way to add interest to a wall!  The article, which also has some other recycled kitchen utensil decorating ideas, doesn't tell you how it was made.  For a committed DIYer, figuring it out could be fun.

Check out the link by clicking on the photo.

An Olive Colander is a Nice Variation.

This pendant light uses an olive colander, and is hung by a chain instead of from the cord.  It was once available at Shades of Light in a couple of finishes.  As of April, 2016 it was not listed on the site.

If the theme for your kitchen is Italian or Mediterranean, this light fixture may be right for you.

Click on the photo, or on this link,
to see if the olive colander light is back in stock.

Several similar olive colander lights are sold on Amazon.  Links to those are at the bottom of the page.

Make a Quaint Lamp Using a Colander.

This lamp has so many interesting elements, not the least of which is the colander lamp shade!

This lamp and many more may be found on Lights of Hutch.

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