Use 3 Colander Light Fixtures Over Sink, Island or Table!

Express yourself with a variation of one of these 3 colander light fixtures.  Your grouping could be in one color as show here, or multi-colors for a more lively visual experience.  They could be lined up or staggered.  Check out some of the options below.

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Brightly Colored Trio
of Colander Lights!

These brightly colored set of pendants were featured in an apartment with high ceilings.  If you wanted different colors at some point, the colanders would be easy to spray paint.

You can check out the write-up
on the kitchen in this apartment on Houzz!

Three Small Colander
Lights Over the Sink.

These three colanders were made to hang over the sink, and I think they look delightful!  If you have a double window, this may be a wonderful solution for you!

The creator doesn't say much about these, but I still like to give credit to the source!!!

Check out the blog here or on the photo. 

This Kitchen Shows
Another 3 Colander Light Fixture
using One Color.

This photo doesn't show how these pendants were hung from the ceiling, but I still thought the combination was interesting.

You can see more at Houzz.

Or Use Contrasting Colors!

This photo is from Pinterest.  I liked how finished this 3 colander light fixture looked with the wood base at the ceiling.

You can check this fixture out here.

Another Trio In Different Colors!

Here's another color combination that adds a punch of brightness to the kitchen.

Learn more about this DIY kitchen lighting
at this link or by clicking on the photo.

This article refers to a $150 colander pendant light you can buy at  I was unable to locate that fixture.

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The Following Colander Light Fixtures
are Available from Amazon.

Check Out The
Colander Light Fixture I Made!

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